Concrete Mobile Service

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  • Production and delivery of concrete in precisely the amount needed.
  • Control water to cement ratio
  • Start and stop production as needed (no waste)
  • Concrete is always fresh – never a “hot” load.
  • Multiple mixes and slumps in the same load.
  • Variable job sizes.
  • Remote job sites.
  • Ability to mix pool “Muck Sand”
  • Our twin steer mixers can carry up to 10 cubic yards.
  • Don’t pay for an over order again.
  • Can produce 1 – 40 yards per hour of fresh concrete
  • Proven concrete manufacturing methodology
  • Measure components by volume.
  • The first prototype of a volumetric mixer was no doubt developed by the Romans who were able to build things that have remained structurally sound for over 2000 years.
  • Volumetric mixer trucks produce the same quality concrete as a batch plant with the same accuracy and must meet the same standards as batch plants. ASTM C 685*


  • We bring a batch plant to your job site.
  • We mix only the amount you need.
  • We mix the Mpa (PSI) you require and we can switch mid pour.
  • SCMS Concrete and Material Services is one of North America’s oldest Volumetric Mixer Companies.  Our integrated solutions can offer advantages unequalled by traditional ready-mix suppliers.  These advantages include the ability and flexibility to instantly and precisely adjust the concrete strength, slump, or air content at the job-site to meet any changes demanded by the needs of a project.
  • We are the only concrete supplier in this market, where the customer pays for the amount of concrete actually used.  Under and over-ordering, no longer creates the same cost consequences as it does with other concrete suppliers.  As well, because our concrete is produced as it comes off the unit, there is no risk of a rejected or “hot load”.  Delays in transit or at the project site do not negatively effect the quality of the concrete that a customer or project will receive.  Finally, our volumetric concrete manufacturing process meets the same standards as batch plants, ASTM 685*.
  • In addition, our MS Material Services division is the market leader in the safe and accurate placement of concrete and aggregates with our Stone Slinger and Telebelt fleet.

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